Sushi Business Consulting for Professionals & Private Sushi chef at home service

Our primary objective is to cater to the increasing demand for authentic sushi and Japanese cuisine worldwide. Our comprehensive program is meticulously crafted by Japanese professional and experienced chefs. We provide full support from inception to expansion, empowering you to seize new business opportunities. If you've ever envisioned having your own Japanese cuisine chef at home, we're delighted to make that dream a reality by flying to your location and preparing exquisite meals for you.

We are committed to doing our utmost to fulfill your business requirements!

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Here's a glimpse of what we can offer for your business:

- Dispatching professional Japanese (SUSHI/KAISEKI) chefs to your resort or private dining for durations ranging from a week to a month.

- Menu development and suggestions, including Japanese Omakase course menus, à la carte options, Sushi and Sashimi boat menus, and Izakaya tapas menus.

- Consulting and assistance with beverage menu development, including Sake and Sake cocktail/Shochu Cocktail recommendations by an International Sake sommelier.

- Sushi skill enhancement and Kaiseki training for local chefs, with opportunities for collaboration with your restaurant's head chefs.

- Basic hygiene control method training for sushi chefs.

- Designing authentic Japanese-style sushi counters and coordinating the overall restaurant setup.

- Providing guidance on ceramics and cutlery selection for Sushi Plates and Kaiseki cuisine.

- Offering a procurement and parcel service for Sushi/Kaiseki ingredients, cooking tools, and gadgets sourced directly from Japan.

Here are some of the establishments we've collaborated with:

- NIHI SUMBA Resort (Voted as the No. 1 resort by Travel Magazine)

- mama san Bali

- Sarong Group Bali

- Issaya Cooking Studio Bangkok