●I highly reccomend taking a Japanese Cooking lessons during your stay. Its so memorable and the best way to preserve and remember your trip to Japan!

(James, from Australia)


●Wonderful class, and a memorable experience. Had lots of fun :-) A great way to learn new methods of cooking - A must try for all food lovers!

(Jenifer, from London,UK) 


●Lovely atmosphere, great food, and an overall fantastic experience! Highly recommended!

(Marco, from USA)


●We had great time. Really enjoyed learning how to make vegetarian sushi. Tofu steak was delicious and will be easy to make at home again.

(Kunal, from London, UK)


●Buddha Bellies Cooking School is a great way to bring Japan home with you.

(Tony, from Canada) 


●Exactly what we were looking for! Fun, intructive and made easy. I did not expect to obtain such a nice result! Thank you!

(Cecile, from Paris, France)


●The portion of the food was more than enough, but it is good so we can try everything! Instruction was clear and I felt confortable to try making Sushi!

(Loise, from Paris, France)


●Books on Japan (the cooking studio) is a beautiful place and very nice instructive cooking class including a lot of information! Great!

(Claudia, from Swiss)


●I really enjoyed this experience and loved learning about Japanese culture. Also like tea ceremony and how to make Maccha(green tea)!

(Sera, from New York, USA)


●Really loved intimacy & size of the group. The experience was fun!

(Steve, from New York, USA)  


●Very clear and simple introduction to Japanese cuisine and culture. Good for anyone who wants to know Japanese cuisine. Good instructor!

(Tsung, from Amsterdam, Holland)


●Great to have intimate size class. Good lesson with delicious food. And I made it myself :-)!!

(Jennifer, from Perth, Australia)


●Instruction was very informative and the recipe is good, easy to understand. Perfect for redoing at home!

(Petra, from Swiss)


●Oishii!!(delicious)  Simple fare done right. Something I can cook at home, which is perfect. Instruction was friendly, fun, clear. Good explanation of why we were using a particular technique.

(Nick, from Sanfrancisco, USA)


●She (the instructor) is a very good instructor and provide very good and friendly atmosphere for foreigner to learn Japanese cooking.

(Jeanine, from Canada)


●Great time meeting new people, learning a traditinal Japanese dish and great coversation.

(Courtney, from USA)


●The experience was a lot of fun! We learned a lot about what we were cooking as well as about Japan!

The instructor was pleasant, fabulous, and fun! She answered all of of our questions and explained everything well.

(Alyssa, from New York, USA)


●The recipe is excellent- very simple, so easy to remember!!

(Katie, from USA)


●I thought overall experience was fantastic!

(Amy,  from USA)


●I really enjoyed the food - it was flavorful and colorful!

(Kathy, from Canada)


●I had a good time! Sake tasting & paring idea was great!
(Jeanine, from Canada)

●I liked it very much. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!
(Jeroen, from Holland)

●I had a great time!! Thank you!!
(Terri, from South Africa)

●Perfect time!!
(Sunjyu, from South Korea)

●Had a great time and will come back again!
(Nina, from Holland)

●The portion of the dish was more than enough and the instruction was very good. Taste was great!
(Ariane, from Germany)


●The recipe was tasty and easy to make.
The class was very well-organized.
Classroom is well-equipped. Timing works out well.
Portion of each dish was good.
(Female, From Canada)

●Instruction was so clear and very accurate.
Recipe is excellent, so useful.
I am going to prepare the dishes immediately.
I fully recommend this cooking class to everyone!
(Male, From Venezuela)

●Instruction was friendly, personal. And hands-on.
Recipe is simple to follow and not too complicated to try again!
Thank you for a good, informative class.
It was very enjoyable and I hope to see more variety in the future.
(Female, From Canada)