About our lesson & courses

 We also customize a special  menu for a group activity / team building workshop / private lesson for both professionals and non-pro(your requested menu) *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal friendly menu available

We try to meet your needs as much as we can, feel free to ask for further information.

 Further info please email us



 What you get in the class

+English instruction and ingredients

+Complimentary drink(From the choice of Sake of the day- selected by Ayuko who is a Sake sommelier,  a glass of Japanese Beer or our house-made plum wine, or tea)

+ A recipe PDF through email

+aprons and hand towels rental for free


*Please note: all the course will be added VAT 10% (Japanese Government tax)



New Menu!

  Mozaic Sushi  *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(Fee for one person  8000yen)

 This is art of food! In a small Bento box, we make patches of sushi to make an art work. In the end, you will probably say, "It is TOO GOOD TO EAT!" Enjoy our brand new signature menu and share the yummy moment with us!



Standard Washoku(Japanese dishes) Course  *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(Fee for one person 8000yen)

 Miso soup and 3 different seasonal recipes with plain rice! In this course, you will learn how to make miso soup, two side dishes, and one main.  Ichijyu-Sansai 一汁三菜 (one bowl of soup and three dishes) on the table is the most traditional and still standard style in Japan!The menu changes depends on the season and market condition. You can choose from meat or fish so please kindly let us know!


 ●Sushi  *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

 (Fee for one person 8000yen)

In this sushi course, you will be learning how to make  vinegar sauce from scratch. By learning three different style of sushi(7 pieces of Nigiris and 1 sushi roll), you will be creating a beautiful sushi plate in the end!! You will also learn some other important tips and history about sushi making!

***In Sushi class, we do not teach how to cut fish. If you request 'fish cutting' class(15000yen), we will arrange a special class for you, using a whole fish(fish will be depend on the season and market condition)! After cutting fish, we will learn how to make sushi (7-8 pieces of nigiris and 1 sushi roll) Let us know if you are interested. Fish cutting class starts at 10:00am and the duration will be 3.5hrs(including Sushi part). In this lesson, we learn about Japanese knives and skills/technique (the way we hold and use the knives) Sushi style cutting technique will be taught in a session.


Decorative sushi class *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(Fee for one person 8000yen)

This class is all about 'sushi roll' :)

You will learn the basic roll and two different designed decorative sushi. (Panda bear/Flower pattern/Four seas style/Mt. Fuji; the pattern changes depending on the season)

If you want to entertain your family or friends with something new, this must be the class! Full of surprising tecniques and enjoyment!


 ●Vegetarian / vegan Sushi

(Fee for one person 8000yen)

You will be surprised to see how colorful our vege-sushi are! Yes, our Vegetarian/Vegan sushi is not only satisfying your stomach but also giving you a pleasure to entertain your eyes! Recipe is easy to follow by using very fresh vegetable from the market!


 ●Udon +Chicken Teriyaki steak *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

  (Fee for one person 8000yen)

Teaching you how to make Udon from scratch!  You will definately enjoy our traditional way of kneading technique! You will also learn our special Teriyaki sauce with our secret technique (how to make the chiken jucy and tender!) and recipe ;-)


 ●Bento Box in Shokado style *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(Fee for one person 8000yen)

In this lesson we will prepare three diffrent Japanese dish(using vegetables, eggs and meat) and learn how to decorate Bento in a wooden traditional Shokado style  bento box. The bento box created by you will look too good to eat ;-)In this class we gonna learn how to make egg roll (Dashimaki Tamago 出汁巻き卵)


●Okonomiyaki-Savory pancake and Gyoza making lesson 

*Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(Fee for one person 7500yen)

These are the most popular street food in Japan and Okonomiyaki is a soul foods in Osaka. A chef from Osaka will teach and instruct the original recipe! You can also learn how to make Gyoza from scratch! This is a ultimate soul food lesson!


Suki-yaki(Japanese marbled beef in a hot pot)

(Fee for one person 10000yen : we take booking from 2pax)

We learn how to make sukiyaki sauce from scratch.

Using Our famous Marbled thinly sliced Wagyu Beef(和牛)you can enjoy the fine meat experience.

( If you want to choose KOBE beef+2500yen additional fee)


●Wagashi-Japanese sweets and Tea making lesson *Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal /Kosher friendly available

(only afternoon) 6000yen

You can learn how to make pretty colorful Nerikiri-wagashi.

Enjoy the afternoon tea bliss with us!